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Post & Co early recognized the necessity of a dedicated cover for Charterers’ Liabilities. For more than 25 years we have been operating our Charterers’ Liability facility with 100% Lloyd’s security. Combining this first class security with the long term expertise of Post & Co has resulted in a Charterers’ Liability package that can accommodate any type of chartering activity.

Owners and Managers take out P&I insurance to cover the liabilities resulting from operations of the vessel, like cargo damage, pollution, loss of life, personal injury, etc. Operators can also charter vessels, instead of owning or managing them, whilst cargo owners and commodity traders hire vessels to carry their own cargoes. These Charterers face similar liabilities. If they desire to cover these liabilities, we advise them to take out P&I cover to protect their position as Charterer.

In addition to these P&I risks, the chartered vessel may get damaged during the charter period. Examples such as stevedore damage by loading or discharging, bottom damage as a result of unsafe port or damage to the engines resulting from off-spec bunkers, supplied by Charterers are abundant. All these damages can result in liability of the Charterer towards the Owner of the chartered vessel.

P&I insurance does not cover damage to the vessel. Charterers therefore have to take out a so-called Damage to Hull insurance, covering the liability of the Charterer for damage to the vessel. We emphasize that this concerns a liability insurance. It does not replace the Hull and Machinery insurance of the Owners.

Division of liabilities between Charterers and Owners of the chartered vessel is laid down in contracts, the charter parties. Standard charter parties like Gencon, Baltime, Supplytime and NYPE charter parties are acceptable for P&I and Damage to Hull insurers. However, in most cases charter parties are amended and additional clauses are being added. This can drastically influence the division of liability between the parties involved and where possible the Charterers’ Liability insurance has to be adapted accordingly.

In addition to the above-mentioned P&I and Damage to Hull insurance, Post & Co provides a full range of additional covers such as: “Freight, Demurrage and Defence” (F. D. & D.) insurance for legal costs in connection with a dispute not covered under the P&I and Damage to Hull insurance, damage to or loss of charterers’ bunkers, various contractual liabilities, including so-called deviation aspects.

Post & Co readily advises on any kind of Charterers’ package. Various combinations are possible, depending on specific needs and wishes. Please contact the charterers team for more information.

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