Post & Co is acknowledged for providing high quality claims handling services. Our services are offered to Owners and Charterers, Terminal and Transport Operators and many other logistical parties. Our experienced claims handlers service our clients 24/7 on a world-wide basis through a valuable network of professional contacts.

The claims department of Post & Co consists of mariners, surveyors, lawyers and shipping specialists. They have gained considerable knowledge and experience in dealing with claims and disputes in countries and jurisdictions around the globe. A wide variety of claims are handled by them on P&I, F.D. & D., Damage to Hull, Terminal and Transport Operators, Yachts and many more.

Our claims service is also available to shipping companies and insurers on a costs basis.

Our aim is to provide you with the best possible assistance and get the job done. Whatever it is, whatever it takes. Any time, any place.


Post & Co is honored to be listed as official P&I Correspondent for several International Group P&I Clubs and we are here to assist and serve their Members best possible on a 24/7 basis in case of any problems which may be experienced in Dutch ports. Post & Co has been correspondent for over 70 years. Our services can be provided in all parts in The Netherlands.

Post & Co is correspondent for the following P&I Clubs:

  • The American Club
  • The London P&I Club
  • The Noord Nederlandsche P&I Club
  • The North of England
  • The Shipowners
  • The Steamship Mutual
  • The West of England
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