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Terminals & Transport


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Terminals and Transport

Since a considerable number of years our facilities within the Lloyd’s market enable us to provide comprehensive liability insurance to the global Terminal and Transport industry, tailored to the needs of our customers. Covers for practically all disciplines within the Terminal and Transport industry may include cargo and third party legal liabilities, errors & omissions, liabilities towards Authorities and many other incidental risks.

Policy wordings have been developed by ourselves in accordance with our customers’ demands; in addition thereto we aim to provide the best possible claims handling, loss prevention and risk management service in an attempt to contribute to a further improvement of the risks our customers may face in their day-to-day operations. Our desire to build up long term relationships with our customers supports us in our philosophy that the industry we serve is facing continuous changing legal environments and challenges and therefore needs constant monitoring of risk. The partnership we are entering into with our customers is meant to respond to that challenge; our device is that the service we aim to provide by doing so should be second to none.

The Terminal and Transport industry is constantly in motion. Whilst the industry is continuously looking for better, faster and cheaper solutions it is facing an increasing number of problems and responsibilities. Operators active in such industry should realize, that all the changes and challenges they face actually determine the need, scope and flexibility of their liability insurance. Whilst our customers will need to concentrate on the operational challenges their organization is exposed to they can count on us, together with the broking community, to provide a pro-active loss prevention and risk management service. Not only will we attempt to determine problems, we aim to find solutions. With the help of our partners – our customers and their brokers – a risk analysis is made and regularly updated.

Our products and services have been designed for practically all disciplines within the international terminal and transport industry, among which:

  • Terminal Operators (Stevedores, Port Authorities (Operational or Landlord), Container Depots, Tankfarms etc.);
  • Transport Operators (Freight Forwarders, Carriers, NVOCCs, Logistic Operators, Ship Operators etc.);
  • Transport Intermediaries (Ship Agents, Ship Brokers, Ship Managers etc.).
  • Although liabilities are our core business our policies can be designed to extend to include cover for handling equipment including machinery breakdown, carrying equipment, property insurance, goods in transit and/or storage, business interruption/increased cost of working and other incidental risks. In addition thereto the possibility exists to include other products our international organisation can offer, e.g. P&I or Charterer’s Liability insurance.

At Post & Co we have developed wordings and ideas that have become market standards and industry guidelines.