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Fishing is generally recognized as one of the most dangerous activities in the marine industry. Accidents occur regularly and not only involve personal injuries, sickness or death of crew. They also concern third parties, either persons on board or in the direct vicinity of the vessel or on third party vessels. Accidents stem from a wide range of origins such as: collision, contact with marine structures, pollution (following bunkering), removal of wreck, work with outboard fishing gear, etc.

The consequences of these accidents can take the form of liability claims being lodged against the vessel Owner. The subsequent financial burden can be of such proportions, that even the best organized company can be put out of business. Tailor made liability insurance arrangements therefore are of vital importance for the industry.

For many years, our team of industry specialists on Insurance and claims handling for fishing vessels ensures that arrangements are put in place for each individual vessel Owner. We understand the specific needs and dangers of the fishing industry, allowing for insurance solutions which meet today’s world fishing industry standards. Our network guarantees a continuous flow of information and knowledge from both a theoretical and practical perspective.

Our aim is to allow Owners to devote their attention solely to ‘fishing’ rather than worrying about their insurance arrangements.

Please contact our team to obtain tailor made advice on the products & services we can provide, such as but not limited to:

  • P&I;
  • F. D. & D.;
  • Contractual extensions of cover;
  • General Companies Liability;
  • War Risk;
  • Related services to obtain COFRs and/or other related documents to safeguard an Owners’ day to day operation.

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