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Post & Co provides insurance cover for marine liabilities, briefly referred to as P&I insurance, resulting from vessel operations. Assureds can be Owners, Operators, Bareboat Charterers and Managers but also Time/Voyage Charterers and other entities with an interest in the vessels concerned are amongst our client base. We work with assureds and their insurance brokers on a global scale.

Covers include P&I, Freight, Demurrage & Defence (F.D. & D.), Charterers’ Damage to Hull, Bunkers, Freight Insurance, Legal Expenses and other marine liability related insurances. Standard P&I insurance is based on the P&I Rules of the P&I Clubs being members of the International Group of P&I Clubs. Today, the worldwide shipping industry requires more diverse insurance covers, which continuously need to be adapted to keep pace with current market developments.

Post & Co approaches each client individually to provide adequate insurance with covers “made to measure” for the specific type of operations involved. We offer a wide range of insurance solutions for risks outside the standard P&I cover. In doing so, we have a history of developing wordings and ideas that have become market standards or industry guidelines.

Depending on the type of risks and operations, the liability covers are arranged with either one of the P&I Clubs, in the fixed premium market or with one of our marine liability facilities at Lloyd’s. With Lloyd’s we maintain a strong, long term relationship, linking 100% Lloyd’s security with the know-how of our organization.

At Post & Co we combine our knowledge of the insurance markets with practical experience in the shipping industry. Most of our staff in the Underwriting & Broking and Claims departments enjoy a shipping background. This ensures expert advice on the various risks and required covers. To back up our expertise, we offer 24/7 in-house claims service by our dedicated claims handlers.

We serve any volume of business, ranging from single vessel Owners or Operators and one-off Charterers to fleets, long term Time Charterers and Traders. All operating on a worldwide scale.

If you have any questions about your marine liability exposure and possible insurance solutions, please contact our Underwriting & Broking department for advice or a quotation.

At Post & Co we have developed wordings and ideas that have become market standards and industry guidelines.