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Yachts – Exceptional vessels require exceptional cover

The world of yachts is incomparable with all other marine segments. The aim of creating the ultimate experience of pleasure and leisure on vessels of the highest standards within each sub segment of the yachting market, requires products and services of the highest level of quality.

If only the best of the best is good enough, with a constant flow of new developments and requirements to achieve an even higher level of excellence in all fields, it demands the utmost from all parties involved. It takes true specialists with tailor made products to service the needs of each individual yacht owner.

We are one of those specialists, providing yachting liability insurance solutions. Our team has a solid knowledge base within the industry, striving to the continuous development of ever higher quality products and services in order to meet increasing demands of our clients.

We have built a substantial yachting book of business, consisting of both insurances for small yachts (without hired crew) and excess yacht liability placements – providing an excess third party liability cover, up to mega- and super yachts insurance packages. Today, we cover professional ocean race yachts too.

We service owners of all nationalities, with yachts flying every flag in the world with crews of all nationalities navigating the globe (from the Med up to the Antarctic).

Our P&I arrangements take all required cover extensions tailored to the yachting segment into account. We provide cover for (excess) yacht owners liabilities, Defence (F.D. & D.), MYBA charter extensions, pre-delivery crew cover, water sports liability cover (responding to basic water sports, scuba diving, the use of sea-bobs and parasailing) extensions, racing cover extensions and crew medical packages for both private as well as commercial charter yachts. Additionally, we provide employers liability covers and service products such as but not limited to COFR guarantees to obtain a COFR (water pollution).

All covers are established with specialized insurers with first class security and a financially strong performance, providing the broadest covers in the market with the highest limits and degree of flexibility ensuring a truly tailor made product. Thus we allow owners to concentrate on their main objective; creating the ultimate yachting experience.

Please contact our team to obtain advice on products & services we can provide.

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