Sponsoring & Support

Sponsoring & Support

Since the founding of the company, Post & Co has always demonstrated its commitment to social responsibility. This is reflected in sponsorship and donations to various charity and cultural initiatives. All Post generations have chosen their personal projects. Many projects therefore, have been supported for many years.

We make our choices based on the following criteria:

  • Development, education and support of children;
  • Part of social interface of Post & Co (Shipping and the city of Rotterdam);
  • Transparency of the financial accountability of the project.
  • Projects supported by Post & Co:

    • Stichting Breath: foundation that helps to support street children in Romania, Georgia and Ukraine (www.stichtingbreath.nl);
    • Stichting Nationaal Kamp Schipperskinderen: foundation that organizes a camp for children of bargees (www.nationaalkamp.nl);
    • Koninklijke Nederlandse Reddings Maatschappij (www.knrm.nl);
    • Sail Training Association Nederland: organisation that stimulates children to seek a maritime profession (www.sailtraininginternational.org);
    • Several foundations to conserve national heritage, all in relationship to shipping.
    • Post & Co Rotterdam is involved in several specific Rotterdam projects such as the:

      • Rotterdam Promotion Award;
      • The Rotterdam Zoo “Diergaarde Blijdorp” (www.rotterdamzoo.nl);
      • CHIO Rotterdam: Concours Hippique International Officiel (www.chio.nl);
      • Stichting Bowi (www.stichtingbowi.nl).
      • Sportclubs supported by Post & Co:

        • ABC-Swindregt – Badminton – photo;
        • Tempo ’34 girls B2 – Hockey – photo;
        • VCN King Ladies 4 – Volleybal – photo;
        • RHS A1 – Football – photo.

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