1918 – 1956
In 1918 Mr Jacs Post Jr moved to Groningen, a city in the northern part of the Netherlands, to start an insurance agency on behalf of an Amsterdam underwriting family. At the age of 19 he founded the ‘Noordelijk Assurantiekantoor’ (NASK) in order to allow the business greater access in the northern part of the Netherlands. In 1941 he founded a new company under the name Jacs Post Jr. and Co. All activities in respect of P&I Claims Handling as well as underwriting agencies were transferred and brought together under this company.

1956 – 1960
Just before the founder of the company died in 1956 the second generation took over directorship of all companies. Sibbert Tj. Post reorganized the company and decided to sell various activities in order to concentrate on the two offices of NASK in Rotterdam and Groningen, closely related to what is now Post & Co (P&I) B.V.

1960 – 1970
During the prosperous 1960s and 1970s the workforce increased to 140 employees at NASK alone. The third generation Post started in the family business in 1967 and after a short period the main interest of the company concentrated on Post & Co (P&I) B.V.

1977 – 1999
In 1977 it was decided to split the activities of the different companies and Post & Co (P&I) B.V. took over all P&I activities. This was another important step towards the current company. The second generation (Sibbert Tj. Post) retired in 1982 and the third generation continued in the person of Jack Post.

1999 – today
In 1999 the fourth generation entered the company as Roderick Post joined the organisation. As of 2005 Roderick is Managing Director of the company, continuing a strong family tradition and carrying the company forward into the 21st century.

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