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Offshore – Specialists vessels require special cover

In the offshore industry vessels of all sizes, shapes and capabilities come together to individually perform their special tasks and services, ensuring offshore projects are completed successfully.

Given the specialist services, unique working environment and location in which activities are performed, tailor made contracts are drafted to define the specific tasks and duties of each party involved in the chain of contractors.

These contracts can become quite complex. Not only because of the specialist nature of the activities performed and subsequent liabilities, but also due to the fact that the various parties involved are companies of all sizes and (financial) strengths. Each operator strives to maximally secure their individual position towards their contract partners.

These special features make the offshore industry one of the most complex industries to service from an insurance point of view. Contractual stipulations, in relation to the division of liabilities and indemnities given between parties, often go beyond the normal scope of cover provided by the “standard” P&I insurance arrangements. They require specialists operations and contractual cover extensions.

For many years already we provide tailor made insurance solutions to ensure our clients liability position is safeguarded well, thus allowing our clients to focus on their core business and operational success.

At Post & Co we have developed wordings and ideas that have become market standards and industry guidelines.