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Our involvement in inland craft dates back to the early 60’s of the last century. In these years inland shipping went through major changes driven by market demands. Furthermore, the inland craft community has been (and still is) confronted with national and EU regulations resulting in new or increased liabilities. Post & Co has been a solid partner for all of the segments of the inland craft industry ever since by offering innovative insurance solutions and tailor-made cover.

Approximately 5,000 inland craft vessels place their marine liability insurance arrangements via Post & Co, of which the vast majority are covered under our European Inland and Short Sea Facility (E.I.S.S.F). This facility is backed up by Steamship Mutual, a long established P&I Club forming part of the International Group of P&I Clubs.

Over the years we have established longstanding relationships with marine insurance brokers, mutual hull insurers, surveyors, law firms, (semi) governmental authorities as well as various organizations representing the interests of the inland craft industry throughout Europe. This network guarantees a continuous flow of information and enhances our knowledge from both a theoretical and practical perspective. We apply this knowledge in our day-to-day operations to ensure quality and up to date solutions and service.

Our solid network and industry knowledge enables us to introduce innovative quality products (for example ‘delay cover’ and the insurance of extra costs for the delivery of (containerized) cargo as developed by Post & Co).

Our dedicated and specialised team is taking care of underwriting, documentation, administration and claims handling. Please contact our team to obtain advices on cover possibilities and the products and services we can provide, such as but not limited to those mentioned at the top of this page.

At Post & Co we have developed wordings and ideas that have become market standards and industry guidelines.